19 June

As part of its regional expansion drive announced in March 2008, AKADO Group has opened a representative office in St. Petersburg, officially registered as AKADO-Neva

27 May

AKADO Group is pleased to report that the Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia has ruled against the Property Department of Moscow in its lawsuit to invalidate the resolution of a General Shareholders’ Meeting of COMCOR to increase the company’s authorized equity

28 April

AKADO Group has joined the international PRESSZVANIE business press awards as a Partner, while group member AKADO Telecom (COMCOR OAO) signed up as an Official Partner of the IT & Telecommunications category

02 April

AKADO Group (formerly Renova Media) has announced the start of an ad campaign in support of its new consolidated brand name: AKADO

27 March

Renova Media’s consolidation prompted a name change: following the restructuring, the Group will fully switch to the new AKADO trademark

23 March

CROSSNET covers Moscow’s Krylatskoe, Kuntsevo, Rubliovo, Filevskaya Poima and Mozhaisky districts. The operator listed some 20,000 subscribers at the end of 2007

12 March

Artur Alekperov has been appointed Director of Strategic Marketing at Renova Media ZAO

27 February

Renova Media has signed an agreement to broadcast Mir, the television network of the Commonwealth of Independent States

04 February

A recent Shareholders’ Meeting of COMCOR OAO voted to appoint Denis Lobanov General Director of the company


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