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05 June

AKADO Telecom has broadened its access link to the Russian Trading System (RTS), an electronic stock trading venue.

04 June

AKADO Stolitsa has announced a sizeable price rollback on its digital TV packages, coupled with an easier pricing grid.

02 June

AKADO Telecom turns 16 today. Moscow Telecommunications Corporation (COMCOR), the AKADO brand flagship, was incorporated on 1 June 1992.

02 June

AKADO Stolitsa looks back on its premiere AKADO Fest, a citywide event that will now become annual.

01 June

Cosmos TV will run a promotional broadcast of the Cartoon Network channel at 711,25 MHz (С51), starting June 1, Child Protection Day, and until June 15, 2008

28 May

The Bank of Russia and Russian Bank Association teamed up with AKADO Telecom to hold a seminar and conference entitled Taking Operational Interfaces with the Bank of Russia to a New Level on 22 May 2008, attended by 150 banks from the Moscow Region

28 May

AKADO is proud of the quality of its products and services, which explains why not every pizza place is qualified to make AKADO brand pizza

20 May

AKADO Telecom (COMCOR OAO) has sponsored the May 17 finals of the Russian National IT Olympics for school students, a tournament held under the aegis of the national Education project

30 April

The new service keeps online track of all information on AKADO services

28 April

AKADO Telecom’s new service — O-VPN SDH – is a tool for managing SDH overlay networks in real time

26 April

Viktor Saviuk, President of AKADO ZAO (formerly Renova Media) has signed a memo to establish a permanent Board of Experts (BE) in the company

17 April

AKADO Telecom (COMCOR OAO) has announced a new promotion designed to bring its Internet service to more small and medium-sized businesses

07 April

Cosmos TV was voted the best service provider in Minsk based on its 2007 results

07 April

AKADO has made a deal with RBK-TV to bring the channel to all its subscribers

25 March

Renova Media has announced the purchase of 100% of RA Telecommunications Corp., the owner of the CROSSNET trademark, providing broad-band Internet services in western parts of Moscow

25 March

COMCOR’s fiber optic network – the largest in the Moscow Region – now has a resource inventory system with a central storage bank for network infrastructure data

05 March

COMCOR’s Internet lines now have an aggregate throughput capability of 50 Gb/sec


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