AKADO improves subscriber service

Summing up the interim results of its customer service improvement effort, AKADO Stolitsa is pleased to note that the number of “missed calls” per month is  now down 33%

The target of the service improvement program is to reduce call waiting time at least 50%. AKADO is now well on its way towards that target. The number of missed calls was down 33% in July compared to June. AKADO call centers received upwards of 500,000 calls in July alone.

The company owes fewer missed calls to its new, improved customer service setup, in which a dedicated team of employees handles all short data calls such as balance queries, service additions/cancellations,  plan change requests, and so on. Longer calls are handled separately; when a problem takes longer than expected to solve, an AKADO employee will call the user back. This takes much workload off the call center as subscribers with longer queries no longer have to wait on the line, so the next in line gets through to the operator faster.

“A Qualitage survey has found out that AKADO holds the lead among Moscow’s Internet providers in how actively it promotes its services through its call centers,” said AKADO Stolitsa General Director Sergei Alimbekov. “We are happy to hear all this praise about our sales people. Now we want to become No. 1 in customer service.”


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