AKADO launches automatic billing

AKADO’s automatic billing system is interfaced with the major international payment systems: Visa and MasterCard

To activate the service, the card holder needs to go to Subscriber’s Office and authorize automatic billing to their card account to put money into their AKADO user account, and specify how they would like to be billed. For example, AKADO may automatically bill the user’s monthly subscription charge to their card, so the service will never be disconnected due to late payment. Single online payments can also be made with the card through Subscriber’s Office. The user can also order periodic status updates and account statements to their email address.  

“Electronic payments are the way to go: they are easy and they save time,” said AKADO Stolitsa General Director Sergei Alimbekov. “Our new automatic billing service is timed just right. It is common to use ATM cards to pay for groceries, and very soon it will be common to use them to pay for telecommunications services.”


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