AKADO broadens Internet TV portfolio

Ocean TV, a new Russian special interest channel, explores the ocean world and the role it has played in human history.

Ocean TV looks back on ocean exploration and major discoveries, explores marine life, promotes water sports and propagates a loving, caring relationship with nature. Ladies’ TV Club is a helpful educational and advisory channel for women, helping them solve problems and make the right life choices, providing helpful tips on how to find a job, raise a child, keep the marriage solid, how to make a beautiful and comfortable home and, last but not least, how to always look good and attractive. Tatarstan New Age is a bilingual – Russian and Tatar — TV channel with the mission to promulgate the cultural and religious values and consolidate the interests of the Tatar community in Russia and abroad.

Before these new additions, there were 10 public-access AKADO channels available on www.mail.ru: World Fashion Channel Russia, Style, Music Box RU, Humor TV, Russian Extremes, A-ONE, Music Box TV, Bridge TV, AKADO LIVE, and О2ТВ. AKADO-Stolitsa and Mail.Ru launched their open Internet TV project in autumn 2007.


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