AKADO opens call center in Tula

AKADO’s 2600 sqm Call Center in Tula uses Cisco equipment to process incoming and outgoing calls on Cisco IP Call Center platform (Cisco IPCC)

The Center employs upwards of 950 staff, making more than 20,000 outgoing calls, and processing over 12,000 incoming queries daily. The Call Center cost around US $3.5 million to set up.

“At this juncture, the broadband access services market is heavily reliant on subscriber service level,” explained Sergei Alimbekov, Managing Director of AKADO-Stolitsa ZAO. “We decided our Moscow Call Center was not enough, and opened another one in Tula. It’s one of the largest user support hub in the industry. We’ll be opening more facilities like this in the near future. Our emphasis on customer service is illustrated by the fact that more than 40% of our nearly 4000 employees man our Call Centers in Moscow and Tula.”


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