AKADO knocks 30% off its digital TV price

AKADO Stolitsa has announced a sizeable price rollback on its digital TV packages, coupled with an  easier pricing grid.

Subscribers are sure to appreciate a 30 percent rollback on AKADO’s extended Sozvezdie package of 79 digital TV channels. Repackaged as Sozvezdie ‘2008, it will now cost subscribers only 290 rubles a month instead of 420 for the same number of channels. Sputnik will be discontinued, and Orbita, a package of 50 channels, will cost the same: 150 rubles/month.

AKADO Stolitsa’s price change foreshadows a massive digital TV boom that’s about to begin, according to AKADO market watchers. “In Moscow, the broadband market is close to saturation, so no major growth is expected this year as coverage level reaches 70% or 75%,” said AKADO Stolitsa Managing Director Sergei Alimbekov. “From now on, digital TV is the only way to go for multi- service providers. Realizing this, we are off to an aggressive start by cutting our prices. Our next step will be to completely redesign digital TV with higher resolution, interactive TV and films to order.” 


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