AKADO Telecom broadens the highway to RTS

AKADO Telecom has broadened its access link to the Russian Trading System (RTS), an electronic stock trading venue.

The Russian Trading System is the largest and most active electronic stock trading host in Russia, accounting for a large share of all securities transactions on the Russian stock market. The number of RTS traders has rocketed of late, and so has RTS traffic in the AKADO network.

To cope with the growing need for RTS access among financial institutions in the Moscow Region, AKADO Telecom has decided to upgrade its RTS interface to Ethernet 100 Mb/sec, improving throughput for existing users, and making RTS access available to new users via dedicated Ethernet lines.

AKADO Telecom provides RTS access via its own multi- service fiber optic grid, the largest in the Moscow Region, known for its reliable performance, full confidentiality, and fast and smooth access to the securities trading system. The AKADO Telecom network conforms to 1G data security standards. 

“It is important for AKADO Telecom to be able to fully meet the electronic trading needs of financial institutions, who are a steady, grateful but highly demanding user audience,” said COMCOR CEO Denis Lobanov. “A broader RTS freeway brings AKADO Telecom one step closer to a common IT environment between all financial institutions across the region. Partnership with AKADO Telecom gives users access to advanced telecommunications resources, settlement systems, financial instruments and a wealth of information services.”


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