Come taste AKADO

AKADO is proud of the quality of its products and services, which explains why not every pizza place is qualified to make  AKADO brand pizza

AKADO ran a competition to select the best pizza makers, and the winners were: Mospizza, People’s Food, Da Pino, Pizza Stolitsa, Pizza Bar, Pizza Fabrika, City Pizza and Tempura.

“This marketing initiative, where we got to partner with pizza establishments, is quite unique for the telecoms market,” said AKADO Stolitsa press spokesman Dmitry Zakharov. “But at the same time, partnership with pizza makers seems logical for a mass-market service provider like AKADO Stolitsa, which is Moscow’s largest digital TV service. Pizza and TV – these two things are often consumed together.”

Project contenders are going to bake over 100,000 AKADO brand pizzas in two months.


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