AKADO Telecom joins Bank of Russia and Russian Bank Association seminar

The Bank of Russia and Russian Bank Association teamed up with AKADO Telecom to hold a seminar and conference entitled Taking Operational Interfaces with the Bank of Russia to a New Level on 22 May 2008, attended by 150 banks from  the Moscow Region

Presenters: Mikhail Senatorov, Deputy CEO of the Central Bank of Russia; Vladimir Muravlev, Senior Vice President of the Bank of Russia’s Moscow headquarters; Sergei Lavrentiev, Head of the Banking IT section of the IT Systems Department at the Bank of Russia; Bank of Russia Interbank IT Center chiefs Sergei Grishkin, Aleksei Danilov and Dmitry Klionsky; Andrei Kurilo, deputy head of the Department of Data Security and Protection at the Bank of Russia; and Leonid Gushturov, Deputy General Director for Sales at COMCOR OAO (AKADO Telecom trademark).

The Bank of Russia is currently in the process of switching to a single, standardized interface in dealing with other banks and financial institutions. Standard payment processing formats are now in action everywhere in Russia. The data processing centers at the Bank of Russia used to employ different software platforms and application software, which created problems for the payment system.

Starting 19 May 2008, all Moscow Region banks were switched to a new Collective Payment Processing Center for the Moscow Region (CPPC MR). At the Bank of Russia Interbank IT Center (IIC), the general opinion is that the new, streamlined infrastructure will let the system operate in a more productive and reliable way. IIC plans to build a call center in 2009 to further improve its service level and enable the Bank of Russia to handle incoming calls more promptly and streamline its relationships with banks in the Moscow Region. 

According to Central Bank Vice President Mikhail Senatorov, the launch of the bank’s new, RABIS-NP based Client Interaction Medium (CIM) is scheduled for 1 July 2008.  “40 Moscow Region banks – the ones currently using the FastInfo-3 transmission system — will be the first to switch to CIM. Because of using vastly different systems, the banks will need time to test-drive the new package before it can go live. 260 Moscow Region banks are already testing,” Mr. Senatorov said.

Bank Express Electronic Payments (BEEP), a new, sophisticated payment system processing payments in real time, is being put into action as planned. 110 financial institution nationwide have already joined. Once CIM, a standardized client interaction package, is up and running, banks will no longer need to use file exchange in BEEP.

Those AKADO Telecom subscribers who are connected to the Central Bank’s IIC via the COMCOR-BANK


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