AKADO Stolitsa launches new service: AKADO.Desktop

The new service keeps online track of all information on AKADO services

AKADO.Desktop, the coolest and most advanced application for AKADO subscribers. 

All the info you need is right on your desktop: your account status, your favorite TV channel, weather forecast, world news and what not!

Download the program now at http://www.akado.ru/services/desktop/info/

Fully updated information on all AKADO services is now available online: news, sales, promotions and AKADO.Music charts where all tracks are available for quick download, not to mention phone call details, the option to message the subscriber service, and much more! 

Other website rss reels can be viewed right in AKADO.Desktop. 

But even more options are coming soon to AKADO.Desktop: access to AKADO.Files and AKADO Mail, films to order for your home theater, currency exchange rate updates… There’s nothing AKADO.Desktop cannot provide. Watch our updates!

Your AKADO.Desktop will feature a number of clips with multiple setting options, regularly updated online (e.g. you can choose how many news headlines you want to see in one clip). The clips can be placed anywhere on the screen, or added/removed as necessary.

Come to http://www.akado.ru/services/desktop/info/ , download the application and run AKADO.Desktop!

All the information you need – right on your AKADO Online Desktop!


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