AKADO Telecom announces the launch of SDH (O-VPN SDH) Virtual Private Network service

AKADO Telecom’s new service — O-VPN  SDH –  is a tool for managing SDH overlay networks in real time

The O-VPN SDH service, supported by AKADO’s own SDH network, is to track and manage the resources allotted to subscriber within the Virtual Private Network (VPN). AKADO Telecom subscribers now enjoy the unique privilege of managing SDH dedicated lines in real time from their workstation. This will enable corporate subscribers to more promptly coordinate their in-company dedicated digital line networks built on AKADO Telecom’s SDH. 

AKADO Telecom is Moscow’s frontrunner in dedicated digital line services. AKADO Telecom’s SDH network allows corporate subscribers to integrate remote offices and subsidiaries, provide access to external telecom operators’ networks, online trading venues, databases and other online resources. Major business organizations and telecom operators, the likes of Sberbank, Russian Mail, MTS, Sonic Duo, MSS and others, have used AKADO’s SDH network services for many years.

The greatest thing about the new service is that it slashes line and equipment monitoring costs for users. The user is enabled to control communication lines and equipment at its end independently, through remote access. Any problem can be identified quickly and reliably, whether it concerns the line or the user’s equipment.

The O-VPN SDH service enables the user to independently manage its overlay SDH network: promptly reroute the dedicated digital lines at any time or reallocate lines between designated connection points to AKADO Telecom’s multi-service network. For that purpose, a number of additional ports are reserved for the client in the network equipment.

The O-VPN SDH uses ОPTINEX series equipment manufactured by Alcatel, coupled with a hard— and software package and a set of special utilities.

“There is a solid market for SDH services, although it’s not growing as fast as the market for broad- band access,” said Leonid Gushturov, Deputy General Director for Sales at COMCOR OAO. “The launch of O- VPN SDH will enable companies to work faster and feel more secure now that they can control their dedicated lines and equipment online.”


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