AKADO Stolitsa offers new TV deals to subscribers for basic digital packages Orbita, Sputnik and Sozvezdie

New digital TV deals from AKADO: everything for 80 rubles!

“TVoe Kino,” “TVoi Adrenaline,” TVoi Kapriz,” TVoi Uvlecheniya,” “TVoya Istoriya,” “TVoemu Neposede”… the “talking” names in this new product line are part of AKADO’s repackaging concept. In the “TVoe Semeistvo” (Your Family) series, there is a TV package for each family member, and the names will help make the right choice. AKADO first introduced the “talking names” concept in the fall 2007. Since then, the names of AKADO programming packages have been aligned to reflect the content.

In its new marketing concept, AKADO aimed to put together clearly segmented TV packages targeting each individual family member, catering to different TV tastes. “TVoi Adrenaline” will probably have the best luck with the father of the family; “TVoi Kapriz” is more likely to appeal to women and girls; “TVoemu Neposede” is clearly for the children. The more universal “TVoe Kino,” “TVoya Istoriya” and “TVoi Uvlecheniya” will entertain the whole family and all generations.  

The new TV deals (http://www.akado.ru/tariffs/tv/thematic/#packet1237317) are available to the subscribers of all the basic digital packages: Orbita, Sputnik and Sozvezdie, each costing only 80 rubles a month. The flat and affordable price is a relief for consumers, who won’t be tempted to choose the “cheaper” option. All they have to think about is what’s interesting to them. 

In early April, AKADO reached out to its subscribers with two or more TVs in their homes, offering to throw in additional Sozvezdie packages in each room. The subscriber is then free to add any other package on top of Sozvezdie to customize TV programming in every room: e.g. “TVoemu Neposede” in the kid’s room, and “TVoe Kino” in the living room – for the whole family. “TVoe Kino” looks set to become the best-seller.

“The AKADO network is moving towards personal TV,” said AKADO Stolitsa Managing Director Sergei Alimbekov. “We create new opportunities and services for our subscribers every month. AKADO was a cable TV provider from day one, and has stayed true to its original specialism and its commitment to package service. We rely on the experience of the world’s foremost multi-service providers, welding it with our own know-how. We aspire towards technology and concept leadership, and this new TV product line we just put on the market is another step in that direction.”


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