AKADO Group sets up expert body

Viktor Saviuk, President of AKADO ZAO (formerly Renova Media) has signed a memo to establish a permanent Board of Experts (BE)  in the company

The new, two-tier body is to review the most critical and challenging business development projects for AKADO Group, and report its opinion on whether they should go ahead. The idea is that no project will go ahead and receive funding unless approved by the Board.

The two-tier review process means that the project will first go before a specially appointed Working Commission (WC), which will hear the project presenter and his opponent. The Commission’s decision is then reviewed by the Board and forwarded to the President of AKADO Group for signature.

The new body is part of AKADO Group’s business reengineering program, recently okayed by the management, aimed at higher consolidation and better performance of all business processes within Group member companies.

The Board of Experts will be manned by some of the most competent and experienced executives from the AKADO Managing Company and its operating companies: AKADO Stolitsa ZAO and COMCOR OAO (AKADO Telecom trademark).


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