Russian Pension Fund contracts with COMCOR for telecommunications services to its Executive Directorate

Russian Pension Fund chooses COMCOR

COMCOR will supply the Russian Pension Fund with Internet access, high-speed data transfer lines for an institution- wide IT network, and dedicated digital lines for internal telephony at the Pension Fund. COMCOR has been contracted to provide telecommunications services worth RUR4,748,788 to the Pension Fund within the period of 12 months.

The Directorate is the principal executive body of the Russian Pension Fund that manages all pension resources. COMCOR’s telecom infrastructure will provide a reliable foundation for smooth data exchange between the Executive Directorate and the Fund’s local offices.

The Fund’s requirements are high, but COMCOR’s network is an equal match. COMCOR delivers its services via a fiber optic grid, using certified equipment supplied by top-notch international manufacturers. COMCOR’s network conforms to Class 1G data security standards, and is annually re-certified by the Data Security Center.  

“It is an honor and a challenge for COMCOR to serve the Russian Pension Fund,” said COMCOR General Director Denis Lobanov. “RPF is a critical social security institution that collects reporting from over 4 million businesses. The operation of RPF is crucial for millions of Russian citizens. It is our duty to provide quality communications services to RPF, and to make sure its IT systems operate smoothly and efficiently. COMCOR has been serving RPF for over 8 years now, and we view our continued partnership as a testimony of COMCOR’s excellence.”


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