COMCOR quadrupled line throughput between its network and leading international provider Global Crossing

COMCOR’s Internet lines now have an aggregate throughput capability of 50 Gb/sec

COMCOR’s subscribers access the international part of the worldwide web via the networks of major global providers Global Crossing, Sprint and Level 3 Communications. The throughput capability between COMCOR and Global Crossing networks has just been upped to 10 Gb/sec. The company has also expanded its inroads into the Russian WWW section. COMCOR’s external Internet highways now have an aggregate throughput capacity of more than 50 Gb/sec. Around 1/3 of the traffic goes through the international channels. 

This is the third time COMCOR is enlarging its Internet throughput capacity this year vis-à-vis its international partners. Higher throughout makes it easier for COMCOR subscribers to handle “heavy” content even during peak load times.

“Internet traffic in the COMCOR network is growing all the time,” said COMCOR Marketing Director Vadim Vankov. “The rising popularity of web- based multimedia resources puts a heavy strain on our lines. We appreciate the confidence of our subscribers, so we make sure our quality remains consistently high; that’s why we build up our external throughout capacity proactively.”


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