COMCOR launches network inventory system

COMCOR’s fiber optic network – the largest in the Moscow Region –  now has a resource inventory system with a central storage bank for  network infrastructure data

The new system will help the company streamline its services and network management. 

“To give you an idea of the magnitude of our network management challenge: one in every three Moscow buildings is wired to the COMCOR network; and if you pull out the entire length of our fiber optic cable, it will stretch for half the distance of the equator,”  said First Deputy General Director of COMCOR Yuri Skobelev. “With the latest upgrade to our operational support systems, our network will become much more manageable, and our business processes, more streamlined. For our customers, this means faster new service rollout, lower connection fees, and assurance of comfortably high service quality.” 

The inventory system will minimize the connection costs of new access ports. COMCOR will now be able to automate its route planning and micromanage the division of work between contractors.

The inventory system will also help COMCOR staff more promptly identify problems such as line damage or malfunctioning equipment, which will translate into faster problem scoping and trouble-shooting.

Together with its inventory system, COMCOR has designed an IT model of its fiber optic network facilities, integrated with the Geo-information System (GIS) of the Moscow Region. GIS functionality slashed design time more than 30%, and fully automated the project documentation process.

As a next step, COMCOR is planning to integrate its inventory system and network productivity monitoring system, and introduce a range of components to automate the processes of network service configuration and activation. The inventory system generates standardized data for transparent interaction between Operational Support Systems (OSS).


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