RBK-TV is now available to all AKADO subscribers

AKADO has made a deal with RBK-TV to bring the channel to  all its subscribers

The testing has been successful, and RBK-TV is now available to Orbita, Sputnik and Sozvezdie digital TV package subscribers, as well as all Technical Support subscribers.

RBK is a daily channel covering Russian and international current financial events, featuring Russian and international economic, financial and political news, analyses, forecasts and expert commentary; interviews with prominent politicians and entrepreneurs, business press reviews, and special features highlighting different aspects of Russian business.

Analogue package users will have to retune their TVs to watch the channel: RBK-TV will continue to broadcast at 511,25 MHz in the Southeast District, while switching to 137,25 MHz for the rest of the network coverage area.

Subscribers to the Orbita, Sputnik, Sozvezdie and Cometa digital packages need to push 604 on their digital TV tuner to watch RBK-TV.


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