AKADO-Stolitsa reviews its credit program

A while ago, AKADO-Stolitsa introduced a two-week grace period for subscriber payments. Long-time users who had always paid on time were told it was now OK for them to delay payments by a month or over. To the company, this was like giving loans to subscribers.

Only 9% of AKADO subscribers used the payment delay option in three months. The majority (91%) made their payments as before. A random poll among the first user group (9%) revealed that more than 50% of them would like to go back to the earlier payment system. The company believes that a more relaxed payment schedule is less important to AKADO subscribers than the ability to control their spending. When consumers prepay, they know exactly which services they want to enjoy the next month, so they put the correct amount in their customer accounts. All subscribers who had used the payment delay option will receive account statements from the company. They can also check their accounts in «My Office» or by calling customer support at 231–4444. And, while we’re on the subject, AKADO would like to inform its users that it has recently upgraded its online account information system: from now on, access to the account status database will be available from every source. Find out more at http://www.akado.ru/office/faq/poryadok_oplaty/ We also upgraded our Call Center in October, so the average account information wait time is now two minutes or less.

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