New appointment at AKADO-Ekaterinburg

Cable TV and Internet provider AKADO-Ekaterinburg has announced the appointment of Aleksander Orekhin as its Managing Director.

Since 2005, Aleksander Orekhin has stood at the helm of Olimpus NSP, the No. 2 Internet provider in Ekaterinburg, purchased by AKADO Group in August. “In Ekaterinburg, AKADO pursues its previously outlined strategy,” said Vladimir Shalaginov, Vice President for Regional Development at AKADO Group. “The broadband Internet market has significant growth potential in the capital of the Urals. Aleksander Orekhin’s job will be to strengthen AKADO’s clout in the regional telecom services market.” “In today’s market environment, it makes every sense to stress service quality and consumer loyalty,” said Aleksander Orekhin. “With its vast, successful experience as an integrated multi-service business, AKADO is eminently qualified to attain broadband leadership in Ekaterinburg and advance further as a nationwide telecom provider.” Aleksander Orekhin will report directly to the President of AKADO Group. Aleksander Orekhin has a long track record in sales and management. At different points in his career, he was Director of Sales at YURAN Group (a leading building contractor in Ekaterinburg), and managed the retail chain of Trest SKM OOO (SuperStroi, the largest home improvement chain store in the Ural Federal District). About the Company Established in August 2007, AKADO-Ekaterinburg has consolidated the assets of the local cable TV provider Orticor and Internet provider Olimpus NSP. AKADO-Ekaterinburg currently offers over 40 cable TV channels, high-speed Internet access and residential intercom telephony services.

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