AKADO digital TV subscribers can save up to 30%

AKADO-Stolitsa is changing the way its television services are delivered. Changes have been made to channel numbering and the package choice system. The bottom line is that AKADO digital TV programming is now more affordable, more easily accessible and more personalized.

For a start, AKADO has scrapped its “base package” requirement. Subscriber are now free to order only those packages they want: Film, Kids, Sports, Hobbies, Discovering the World or MIX. The first package is 290 rubles a month; the second and every subsequent package is 80. “We’ve given up the mandatory standard package practice, which is typical for digital TV providers these days,” said AKADO-Stolitsa Managing Director Denis Lobanov. “Subscribers are now free to pick any package as their base, and add any other packages to it, saving as much as 30% on their monthly fee. At the same time, we are introducing a more clear and transparent theme classification for digital TV packages.” “If you love sports, you can order Sports as your base package for 290 rubles, and add any other packages you want,” explained Maksim Polzikov, Director of Sales at AKADO-Stolitsa. “The full set of around 170 channels will cost 500 rubles. The same channels can be watched on any number of TVs inside a home.” The new content allocation system has necessitated a change in channel numbering. The general interest channels will be grouped under every hundredth button on the digital tuner. The film channels – AKADO subscribers’ favorites – will be seconded by buttons 100–199 and 900–999 for more convenient navigation. This way, when you’re watching the familiar Channel One or Russia, you only need to press the remote button twice in reverse order to get to your favorite film channel. Subscribers ordering a limited number of packages will no longer get an empty screen every time they flip through channels they didn’t order. AKADO-Stolitsa now begins to phase in a new network frequency plan; the transition should be complete by summer’s end. One of the reasons for changing the frequency grid is to clear some room for new channels: there will be more channels and the signal will get better. These changes will affect all of AKADO’s 320,000 plus digital TV subscribers. For them, the transition will be automatic: the settings of their AKADO TV tuners will change. For our analogue TV subscribers (over 900,000), the smooth transition will be accompanied by a massive information campaign.

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