Hot News on Telecoms Day: SkyLink and AKADO hit 430 movie theaters across the country

Telecommunications operators SkyLink and AKADO wish all their colleagues and subscribers a happy Telecoms Day and are pleased to announce that Hot News, an unusual satirical thriller starring telecoms and media technology, is now playing in theaters across the country.

“It’s a lucky coincidence that the film came to the theaters on Telecoms Day. This just goes to show that telecommunications are very much a part of everyday reality,” said SkyLink CEO Gulnara Khasianova. “The characters use telecommunications technology in stressful conditions, breaking stereotypes, revolutionizing concepts, and shaping an eventful plot line. This film was made by a great international team and has all the makings of success. We wish it luck in the theaters and much appreciation from the audience.” “Like in real life, technology does not run the show in this film; it’s just always there for anyone to use as circumstances dictate,” said Denis Lobanov, Managing Director of AKADO-Stolitsa. “All other things being equal, it’s the content that’s of the essence; the quality of the content determines the further course of events. We are long-time partners with Film Without Borders, one of the best content providers in the Russian film industry. We are thankful to them for having graced our professional holiday with such an excellent debut in a genre that’s new to them.” The film Hot News was produced by Tandem Pictures (Russia) and Illusion Film (Sweden). Producer and script writer: Sam Klebanov; Director: Anders Banke. The cast includes Andrei Merzlikin, Maria Mashkova, Evgeny Tsyganov, Maksim Konovalov and Sergei Garmash. “What you see in this film is not a “product placement”; it’s “product play.” We’ve had complete understanding on this with our partners, who have given us their full moral and financial support since start-up,” said producer and script writer Sam Klebanov. “I think it’s a good sign that the project went live on Telecoms Day. Every telecoms employee – and there are millions of them in the country – is also viewer, who will appreciate a good, professionally relevant movie on their professional holiday.” Hot News was on the official play list of TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL 2009 (world premiere on 24 April in New York), and was highly praised. The most kudos went to the photography, action scenes and soundtrack. The film moves fast; the characters have to make creative decisions in challenging situations; they have to be brave and highly mobile. In some of the key episodes, the Web 2.0 technology takes on a TV reality show and wins.

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