AKADO Telecom completes phase one of its project for Moscow Region Traffic Police

COMCOR (AKADO Telecom trademark) has announced the completion of phase one of its government contract for the Interior Ministry’s Department of Traffic Police for the Moscow Region, whose more than 40 units are now linked together with high-speed Internet lines.

The multi-service network built by AKADO Telecom connects rural and municipal units and mobile Traffic Police units across the region to a single data processing center. Powerful fiber optic lines support the Traffic Police corporate network, including access to databases, internal email and electronic document flows, as well as telephony and videoconferencing. The project also involved the deployment of video cameras along regional highways to register traffic violations. The system sends the information on all traffic violations registered in the Moscow Region to the regional Traffic Police headquarters. All violations are recorded automatically and transmitted to a single data center. The video cameras survey the traffic flow in real time, registering such violations as drivers disobeying road marks or signs, speeding, running red lights or taking illegal turns. The cameras also record violators’ cars’ license plate numbers. Visual evidence has been used to prove and document traffic violations since 1 July 2008. Major General Sergei Sergeev, chief of Traffic Police for the Moscow Region, believes that video cameras on the roads will be a factor of higher traffic safety. In the future, every regional town and all major roads should get similar systems. So far, there are three stationary video camera systems in the region, but more are on their way in 2009 for all major federal highways and towns in the Moscow Region.

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