Federal Taxation Service for Moscow uses more AKADO Telecom services

COMCOR (AKADO Telecom trademark), which operates the largest multi-service telecom network in the Moscow Region, has signed a contract to provide telecommunications services to the Moscow Office of the Federal Taxation Service (FTS) in 2009. The services are by now up and running.

Relying on its sprawling multi-service network, AKADO Telecom has delivered a package of services to the FTS Moscow Office, combining IT, technical support and telecom capabilities for data transfer. The new common IT environment serves for secure voice and data exchange (including videoconferencing) between the various divisions of FTS in all parts of Moscow. AKADO Telecom provided some 100 dedicated digital lines with a throughput of 2 to 100 Mb/sec for the FTS corporate network in Moscow, built a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and set up high-speed Internet access. AKADO Telecom also supports Moscow FTS’s mail server and domain www.mosnalog.ru. For now, the main functional purpose of the corporate network is to keep the FTS Moscow institution-wide IT system going. In action since January 2009, the system has automated key tax accounting processes and the standardized sequence of procedures Tax Inspection Offices use in their relations with taxpayers. Due to its high technological merits and high security, the multi-service corporate network created by AKADO Telecom for the Moscow FTS Office is also used for open and confidential data exchange between tax authorities and taxpayers. For example, taxpayers can now file their financial statements and tax returns electronically. The embedded utility called “Bank Accounts” supports electronic exchange of account information with banks (branches) and tax authorities. The network built by AKADO Telecom unites more than 70 FTS offices around Moscow, and is linked via fiber optic cables to the networks of the Federal Taxation Service of Russia, the Federal Department of the Treasury, and other federal authorities, so they can interact with each other in real time.

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