Federal Department of the Treasury for Moscow uses AKADO Telecom services

COMCOR (AKADO Telecom trademark), which operates the largest multi-service telecom network in the Moscow Region, won the tender to serve the Federal Department of the Treasury for Moscow.

AKADO Telecom was named the winner of a public tender held to select a contractor to provide Telecommunications Services for Electronic Date Exchange to the Moscow Office of the Federal Department of the Treasury (FDT). The contract was signed on March 6. As per terms and specifications of the tender, AKADO has set up a protected IP/VPN overlay network to support data exchange between FDT units in Moscow, and allotted dedicated digital lines and virtual Ethernet lines with a throughput of 2 to 100 Mb/sec for data exchange between FDT in Moscow and its regional divisions. The contract covered installation, debugging, testing and launch, as well as equipment rental. The emphasis was on access to the Bank of Russia settlement system (the electronic clearing system run by the Interbank IT Center of the Bank of Russia). AKADO Telecom provides access to IITC payment processing systems with dual fail-safe hardware and telecom lines as required by the international standards for payment networks, and the safe and reliable operation standards set by the Bank of Russia. In addition, AKADO Telecom provides unlimited Internet access at a speed of 10 Mb/sec and supports the website and mail server of the FDT Moscow Office. “It is our strategic choice to enlarge the scope of our services for financial institutions,” said Vadim Vankov, Deputy General Director for Sales at COMCOR OAO (AKADO Telecom trademark). “We are moving fast in that direction, offering new, more finely nuanced and customized solutions. Our win in that tender proved that solutions offered by AKADO Telecom are what government financial institutions and commercial banks need.”

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