AKADO launches new edition of TV Guide

AKADO-Stolitsa has announced the launch of a new edition of its TV Guide at http://tv.akado.ru as part of its drive to spread 3G digital television.

AKADO-Stolitsa, which has finalized its two-year digital TV strategy earlier in 2008, has already paved the way for the further advancement of digital television by launching high-definition TV (HDTV) on 30 September 2008. The next move will be to go live with interactive, personalized television on a cutting-edge platform that makes it possible for subscribers to interact with television services and customize them to their liking. TV Guide, a milestone in interactive television for AKADO, is a full-feature online publication similar to the conventional paper TV guides, which are the best-selling periodicals in Russia. The online TV Guide features AKADO programming, film and TV show reviews, and news of partner TV channels. It comes with all the perks that digital television has to offer: search by show title, customization, online selection of shows to watch on TV, digital recorder controls, SMS alert when the show starts, and much more. Later on, the TV Guide will come built into new digital tuners, becoming an integral part of AKADO’s interactive, personalized TV of the future. “We have high hopes for digital television,” said AKADO-Stolitsa managing director Sergei Alimbekov. “For many cable providers, television is the only way to boost their monthly ARPU in the next few years. In today’s volatile economic climate, it is imperative that we maximize the number of promising innovative TV projects on our network.”

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