PlayStation partners up with AKADO

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, a global leader in video entertainment, has named AKADO, a leading provider of integrated telecommunications services in Moscow, its new partner in providing technical support for PlayStation 3 users.

AKADO users logging on to PlayStation Network through a built-in browser will now enjoy a plethora of opportunities: access to new games, demo versions of the hottest new releases, videos, photographs, and much more. AKADO warrants full technical support by phone or at the website to all PlayStation 3 users wishing to get their console online or hook up to PlayStation Network. Users who complete their PlayStation Network registration and participant form at the promo website during the first three months will enter in a lottery to win one of the four PS3 games (at user’s option). Some of the games that will be available to users on the PSN platform are GT5 Prologue, Warhawk, WipEout HD and Tekken. Prize draws will be held every week. PlayStation and AKADO plan to hand out 300 game kits in three months. Find out more on the AKADO website starting 15 December. The promotion targets both new and existing, long-time AKADO users who own PlayStation 3 game consoles but have not yet registered on PSN, or have just purchased a PS3. The idea is to maximize player registrations at the PlayStation Network platform.

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