AKADO reports successful HDTV sales in its first month

Looking back on its first month of high-definition TV (HDTV) sales, AKADO-Stolitsa ZAO reports successful business. It is now Russia’s No. 1 digital TV provider by HD channels.

On 30 September, AKADO-Stolitsa was the first cable TV provider in Russia to launch HDTV services across its network. Over 12,000 people had signed up for HDTV at a pre-ordering website in just one month before the launch. «We started out with 5 HD channels and promised to connect all users who had applied on our website before year-end,» said Sergei Alimbekov, Managing Director of AKADO-Stolitsa. «We also promised to increase the number of our HD channels in November. Looking back on our first month, I can say that sales and service development have been going as planned. So far, we have hooked up about 30% of users who applied on our website, and we’ve added a new channel to our HD package: HD Life. It’s only been a month, but we’re already ahead of all Russian TV providers by the number of commercially available HD channels. We will cement our leadership by year-end with more HD channels for sports and movies.» «As far as we know, the relatively high prices of HD TVs have not affected HDTV service sales,» he added. «Our target to connect as many as 50,000 HDTV users by 2009 year-end remains firm.»

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