AKADO launches Digital Radio service

AKADO has announced the launch of a new service – Digital Radio, available to digital TV subscribers via their digital TV tuners.

The service is available to all AKADO digital TV users at no extra charge. The list of available radio stations includes: Radio Yunost, Radio Mayak, Radio Russia, Radio Record, Radio Chanson, Radio Gardarika, Ekho Moskvy and Love Radio. AKADO’s AKADO.radio portal at http://radio.akado.ru/ has aired over 120 regular and web-based radio stations for more than 2 years. This is one of the largest collections of radio stations ever – all broadcast in premium quality. Any radio station in Moscow, Russia and beyond is just a mouse click away. Any AKADO cable TV user can connect their cable to the antenna «in» jack on their stereo and, without any additional devices, enjoy perfect, interference-free broadcasts of 13 Moscow-based radio stations: Autoradio (91 MHz), Radio Russia (97.1 MHz), Yunost (97.5 MHz), Orfei (97.9 MHz), Retro FM (98.3 MHz), Record (98.7 MHz), Ekho Moskvy (99.5 MHz), Silver Rain (100.3 MHz), DFM (101.1 MHz), Gardarika (102.3 MHz), Mayak (103.5 MHz), Russian Radio (105.9 MHz), and Europa Plus (106.3 MHz).

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