New appointments at AKADO Telecom

COMCOR (owner of the AKADO Telecom trademark), the largest multi-service telecommunications network in the Moscow Region, has announced new appointments.

Vadim Vankov, previously the company’s Director of Marketing, will now step up as Deputy General Director for Sales. The new Marketing Director will be Dmitry Sinitsin, who has previously steered the Department of Operational Marketing. The paramount objective for COMCOR’s management this year is to retain and expand the company’s subscriber base and generally consolidate its market clout. Customer networking and loyalty schemes are also a major focus. «The economy today gives telecommunications providers a chance to get stronger,» said COMCOR General Director Leonid Gushturov. «We have a great team, prepared to step up its client networking and to go after new clients. We have new, customized industry-specific solutions to make this work. The current market favors flexible, client-driven, ambitious companies. The job of the AKADO Telecom team is to make full use of the new opportunities.» * * * Vadim VANKOV was born in 1975; holds an honors degree in Electronic Computer Systems Design and Technology from the Moscow State Institute of Electronics, where he graduated in 1997. Completed a second degree in Economics and Business Administration in 2003. Vadim Vankov began his career in telecommunications at DataForce in 1996. Over the years, he has held a succession of marketing and sales management positions with Elvis Telecom and Moscow Region CentreTelecomService (a subsidiary of Centre Telecom), and headed the department of corporate and turn-key projects at MTU-Intel. Vadim Vankov joined COMCOR (owner of the AKADO Telecom trademark) in 2005. * * * Dmitry Sinitsin was born in 1970; holds a Systems Engineering Degree in Computers, Systems, Complexes and Networks from Moscow State Technical University in Mytishchi. Developed and managed new projects for the sales units of IT-Sphere Group companies until 2001. In 2001–2005, Dmitry Sinitsin worked for Comstar, then COMSTAR-OTS, where he steered the Product and Service Support Section of the Marketing Department. Joined COMCOR OAO (owner of the AKADO Telecom trademark) as head of the Service Development Department in 2005. Before his latest appointment Dmitry had managed the Operational Marketing Department at COMCOR since March 2007.

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