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14 AugustE 2009

AKADO-Stolitsa ZAO announces the inclusion of Detskiy (Children’s) and AXN Sci-Fi digital channels into the social television package offered to Moscow residents. In September it is planned to also include SET (Sony Entertainment Television) and “ZHIVI!” (LIVE!) channels.

25 JuneE 2009

AKADO Telecom has established a unique telecommunication complex comprising a new generation data processing centre: Telecommunication Centre of 4th (highest) reliability class; Data processing centre (DPC) of Class 3+ comprising 140 server racks with a capacity from 5 kW to15 kW; Laboratory – 12 server racks for the accommodation of non-standard equipment with a capacity up to 21 kW.

14 MayE 2009

AKADO-Stolitsa is changing the way its television services are delivered. Changes have been made to channel numbering and the package choice system. The bottom line is that AKADO digital TV programming is now more affordable, more easily accessible and more personalized.

7 MayE 2009

Telecommunications operators SkyLink and AKADO wish all their colleagues and subscribers a happy Telecoms Day and are pleased to announce that Hot News, an unusual satirical thriller starring telecoms and media technology, is now playing in theaters across the country.

28 AprilE 2009

COMCOR (AKADO Telecom trademark) has announced the completion of phase one of its government contract for the Interior Ministry’s Department of Traffic Police for the Moscow Region, whose more than 40 units are now linked together with high-speed Internet lines.

1 AprilE 2009

COMCOR (AKADO Telecom trademark), which operates the largest multi-service telecom network in the Moscow Region, has signed a contract to provide telecommunications services to the Moscow Office of the Federal Taxation Service (FTS) in 2009. The services are by now up and running.

26 MarchE 2009

COMCOR (AKADO Telecom trademark), which operates the largest multi-service telecom network in the Moscow Region, won the tender to serve the Federal Department of the Treasury for Moscow.

20 FebruaryE 2009

«Our family already subscribes to Cosmos TV cable service,» said Elena Shantyra, the subscriber who signed the 50,000th Internet contract. «Most recently we decided to also get high-speed Internet from Cosmos TV to let my son study online, and we were their 50,000th subscriber! It was a nice surprise. We thank Cosmos TV for the gifts!»

12 FebruaryE 2009

COMCOR (owner of the AKADO Telecom trademark), the largest multi-service telecommunications network in the Moscow Region, is now constituted as a regional landline telephony services provider in the Moscow Region.

10 FebruaryE 2009

COMCOR (owner of the AKADO Telecom trademark), the largest multi-service telecommunications network in the Moscow Region, has announced new appointments.

3 FebruaryE 2009

An extraordinary general meeting of shareholders of COMCOR OAO (owner of the AKADO Telecom trademark), held on 2 February 2009, resolved to appoint Leonid Gushturov, previously Deputy General Director for Sales at COMCOR, the company’s new General Director.

26 JanuaryE 2009

The audience of Cosmos TV, an AKADO Group cable TV network, has recently cleared 100,000 households in Minsk, Belarus. Cosmos TV saw accelerating growth in new subscriber connections all of last year. The company’s cable subscriber base soared 23.6% between January 2008 and January 2009, while its Internet audience more than doubled.

20 JanuaryE 2009

AKADO-Stolitsa winds-up its «See More» promotion and tallies TV viewing rate during the holiday season.

29 DecemberE 2008

As a seasonal present for its subscribers, AKADO-Stolitsa has made its best-selling digital theme channels free for subscribers for the entire duration of the Holidays.

25 DecemberE 2008

Cosmos TV, an AKADO Group limited liability joint venture in Belarus, has marked its 15th anniversary in business.

16 DecemberE 2008

COMCOR (owner of the AKADO Telecom trademark), a leading telecom services provider and technology trailblazer in the Moscow Region, has announced the completion of phase one of its multi-service corporate network, built for Moscow United Energy Company (MUEC).

11 DecemberE 2008

AKADO-Stolitsa has announced the launch of a new edition of its TV Guide at as part of its drive to spread 3G digital television.

24 NovemberE 2008

AKADO-Stolitsa has announced the launch of what it claims is the largest online store in Russia for licensed music as part of its project.

21 NovemberE 2008

COMCOR (owner of the AKADO Telecom trademark), one of the premier telecom providers in the Moscow Region, has announced a switch to a Cisco CRS-1 platform.

17 NovemberE 2008

AKADO-Stolitsa ZAO has announced the launch of a program to replace obsolete cable modems.

10 NovemberE 2008

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, a global leader in video entertainment, has named AKADO, a leading provider of integrated telecommunications services in Moscow, its new partner in providing technical support for PlayStation 3 users.

6 NovemberE 2008

Looking back on its first month of high-definition TV (HDTV) sales, AKADO-Stolitsa ZAO reports successful business. It is now Russia’s No. 1 digital TV provider by HD channels.

1 NovemberE 2008

AKADO has announced the launch of a new service – Digital Radio, available to digital TV subscribers via their digital TV tuners.

31 OctoberE 2008

The CEOs of more than 120 Russian banks met with the management of the Bank of Russia to discuss Regulation of Financial Institutions by the Bank of Russia on 23 October. This was the 2nd time AKADO Telecom stepped in as the forum’s partner.

17 OctoberE 2008

A while ago, AKADO-Stolitsa introduced a two-week grace period for subscriber payments. Long-time users who had always paid on time were told it was now OK for them to delay payments by a month or over. To the company, this was like giving loans to subscribers.

14 OctoberE 2008

COMCOR (the owner of the AKADO Telecom trademark) now has access to a European peering hub: the DE-CIX (Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange) in Frankfurt, Germany, where it can exchange traffic with over 250 telecoms operators in 30 countries.

6 OctoberE 2008

COMCOR (AKADO Telecom trademark), a leading telecoms provider and technology trailblazer in the Moscow Region, has announced a new telephone prefix – 276 – to be used for services within Moscow’s existing code АВС=495.

30 SeptemberE 2008

AKADO-Stolitsa ZAO has announced the launch of high definition TV (HDTV) throughout its network, covering over 2.8 million households in Moscow and the region.

22 SeptemberE 2008

Cable TV and Internet provider AKADO-Ekaterinburg has announced the appointment of Aleksander Orekhin as its Managing Director.

18 SeptemberE 2008

AKADO-Stolitsa ZAO has announced the winners of AKADO.Pizza, a contest among pizza restaurants in Moscow and the region, in which the best pizza chefs showcased their expertise in preparing pizza, by far the most popular urban food in the world.

16 SeptemberE 2008

AKADO-Stolitsa ZAO has cleared 9000 preliminary orders for High Definition TV (HDTV) services since 1 September, when the subscription opened. The service will become available in October 2008.

13 SeptemberE 2008

COMCOR-Region, the carrier of the AKADO Telecom trademark, has announced the completion of another network expansion phase in the region of Moscow. Now that fiber optic trunk lines are in place to Istra, Noginsk, Friazino and Dmitrov, the AKADO Telecom network spans 50 towns and communities in the region.

9 SeptemberE 2008

AKADO-Stolitsa ZAO has announced the launch of a new service – Music Subscription, offering AKADO.Music subscribers unlimited access to a bulging music catalogue of over 200,000 titles for a flat monthly subscription fee.

12 AugustE 2008

Summing up the interim results of its customer service improvement effort, AKADO Stolitsa is pleased to note that the number of “missed calls” per month is now down 33%

5 AugustE 2008

AKADO’s automatic billing system is interfaced with the major international payment systems: Visa and MasterCard

4 AugustE 2008

AKADO Stolitsa ZAO is pleased to announce that it is the first Russian cable TV provider to have signed licensing deals with all the major record labels: EMI Publishing, Sony ATV, Warner Chappell, and the rest

29 JulyE 2008

Ocean TV, a new Russian special interest channel, explores the ocean world and the role it has played in human history.

24 JulyE 2008

In the AKADO network, new users are counted automatically as they join in real time.

15 JulyE 2008

AKADO’s 2600 sqm Call Center in Tula uses Cisco equipment to process incoming and outgoing calls on Cisco IP Call Center platform (Cisco IPCC)

26 JuneE 2008

COMCOR (AKADO Telecom trademark owner), a premier telecoms provider and technology trailblazer in the Moscow Region, has released its 2007 financials and 2008 targets earlier today.

5 JuneE 2008

AKADO Telecom has broadened its access link to the Russian Trading System (RTS), an electronic stock trading venue.

4 JuneE 2008

AKADO Stolitsa has announced a sizeable price rollback on its digital TV packages, coupled with an easier pricing grid.

2 JuneE 2008

AKADO Telecom turns 16 today. Moscow Telecommunications Corporation (COMCOR), the AKADO brand flagship, was incorporated on 1 June 1992.

2 JuneE 2008

AKADO Stolitsa looks back on its premiere AKADO Fest, a citywide event that will now become annual.

1 JuneE 2008

Cosmos TV will run a promotional broadcast of the Cartoon Network channel at 711,25 MHz (С51), starting June 1, Child Protection Day, and until June 15, 2008

28 MayE 2008

The Bank of Russia and Russian Bank Association teamed up with AKADO Telecom to hold a seminar and conference entitled Taking Operational Interfaces with the Bank of Russia to a New Level on 22 May 2008, attended by 150 banks from the Moscow Region

28 MayE 2008

AKADO is proud of the quality of its products and services, which explains why not every pizza place is qualified to make AKADO brand pizza

20 MayE 2008

AKADO Telecom (COMCOR OAO) has sponsored the May 17 finals of the Russian National IT Olympics for school students, a tournament held under the aegis of the national Education project

30 AprilE 2008

The new service keeps online track of all information on AKADO services

28 AprilE 2008

AKADO Telecom’s new service — O-VPN SDH –  is a tool for managing SDH overlay networks in real time

26 AprilE 2008

Viktor Saviuk, President of AKADO ZAO (formerly Renova Media) has signed a memo to establish a permanent Board of Experts (BE) in the company

17 AprilE 2008

AKADO Telecom (COMCOR OAO) has announced a new promotion designed to bring its Internet service to more small and medium-sized businesses

7 AprilE 2008

Cosmos TV was voted the best service provider in Minsk based on its 2007 results

7 AprilE 2008

AKADO has made a deal with RBK-TV to bring the channel to all its subscribers

25 MarchE 2008

Renova Media has announced the purchase of 100% of RA Telecommunications Corp., the owner of the CROSSNET trademark, providing broad-band Internet services in western parts of Moscow

25 MarchE 2008

COMCOR’s fiber optic network – the largest in the Moscow Region –  now has a resource inventory system with a central storage bank for network infrastructure data

5 MarchE 2008

COMCOR’s Internet lines now have an aggregate throughput capability of 50 Gb/sec


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