AKADO-Stolitsa ZAO (COMCOR-TV before 16 April 2008) is an AKADO Group company in business since 1995, offering world-class telecommunications services in Moscow. AKADO provides unlimited high-speed Internet access and over 100 digital TV channels (including NTV Plus, Russian terrestrial channels, and AKADO LIVE), as well as digital telephony and radio service. AKADO offers its subscribers the best terms on all these services.

AKADO is Moscow’s leader in double play package telecommunications services: Internet + TV, serving more than 800,000 homes in Moscow, Zelenograd and Lubertsy.

The Company holds all the appropriate telecommunications licenses from Russian telecoms regulator ROSSVYAZNADZOR: No 31802 & 31803, valid until 30 July 2010, No. 31281, valid until 05 April 2010, No. 46657, 46658 & 46900, valid until 27 December 2011, and No. 47456, valid until 23 January 2012.

The AKADO network uses DOCSIS, a technology standard widespread in Europe and the US, known as one of the fastest cable TV and Internet access routes. DOCSIS assures full compatibility of different network services, such as broadband Internet, digital TV, telephony, multi-user games, etc.

DOCSIS is affordable, reliable and easy to install. The AKADO network covers Moscow’s Central, Southern, Southeast, Southwest, Northeast and Northwest Districts and Zelenograd. More than 50,000 new homes get the capability to connect to the AKADO network every month. A fast growing business, AKADO is currently the leading provider of broad-band Internet services among providers using their own networks.*

* According to J’son & Partners


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